"The Race to First"

Despite need to always be first, young girl fears first eyeglasses in "The Race to First" by Juli-Ann Ruben with illustrations by Norma Ruben.


Rachel always needed to be first. Whether it was being the head of the line at school or getting the first ice cream, the young girl needed to be the leader. But when Rachel and her family finds out she needs glasses to help her see, this is not a first that she wants anything to do with.

The young girl is devastated that she will be the first to wear glasses and is afraid that others will make fun of her new specs.

In the end, the young girl realizes that having glasses isn't that bad. Rachel enjoys picking out her new glasses, which also get her a lot of attention from her family and friends at school.

"The Race to First" Reviews

"Parenting is difficult enough so it is a blessing to fmd a book which deals with the trauma of a young child getting glasses. The subject is dealt with humorously, informatively, and successfully. It is nice to know that wearing glasses is not the end of the world."
~ Phyllis Billeter

"This book would be the perfect prescription for a child who just received the news of having to wear glasses. It should be a staple in every pediatrician's office across the country."
~ Susan Tecktiel