About Juli-Ann Ruben

Juli-Ann Ruben is a stay at home mom to Rachel and Jacob. She was inspired to share her daughter's story to help others because she believes parenting is a team sport. Formerly a banker, project manager, and professional volunteer, Juli-Ann is married and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. "The Race to First" is her first book.

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A Note from the Author...

It is a privilege to be home for my children, but it is not without some regrets. "The Race to First" gave me the opportunity to try something I always wanted to do, but never had the time, discipline, or spark to begin.

With this story, I realized the subject didn't need to be anything earth shattering, but simply sharing a parenting experience.

I hope that "The Race to First" and my daughter's personal struggle to accept wearing glasses, helps parents and children facing the same obstacle for the first time. I also hope the book will validate the feelings of any youngster who may need glasses.